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Are you interested in customized version of those applications? Send me an email, or contact RELOC

This is a small ammount of software made by me. If not explicit expressed, those software are freeware, made for my necessity or for pleasure, and for this reason I like to receive comment and suggestion about them (I could call this license commentware).

LinkLast UpdateDescription
Network Software
Web Cam Serverversion 1.6.3
The easy and small way to make a WebCam Server. This software create a WebServer in your computer to be used like a WebCam Server. Client simply connect to your IP address. Freeware
ProxyMudversion 1.3
A Proxy for playing MUD across a LAN/Firewall
Simple Web Serverversion 2.3-rc2
The easy and small way to open an HTTP Web Server. Now HTTP/1.1 compliant, RTSP/1.0, PAWN and LUA plugins.
Video Software
IScreenGrabberversion 0.9.2
Indipendent Screen Grabber. Capture screen image and save in an AVI file
Games And Demo
Kill Pikachuversion 1.5.1
A Full Of Violence Game. Take your gun and kill all Pikachu you can. 3 Hours of development. Freeware
Voxelversion 1.5
10Th Anniversary. A fly in a virtual valley. You can create your own landcape, use your texture, and modify the color of the sky and the fog. Can you save shot in multiple resolution. Freeware.
Common Demo Interfaceversion 1.4.1
A set of Graphical Demo
Particle 3.0
AguaMMX 3.0 (based on Jeff Lander code)
BumpMMX 3.0
Fractalversion 1.0.2
A Simple Mandelbrot (and Julia) Fractal Explorer. Fastest rendering, long double zoom precision. MultiThreading. Subpixel Accuacy. Exports in PNG format.
PMHDRversion 0.2
A powerfull LDR mapping software for HDR images. Supports OpenEXR HDR files.
System Utilities
PMSIversion 1.0
Report information about the state of your machine, with a interess about Multimedia Feature. Show GDI, DirectX, capabilities, Audio and Video Compressor, Driver.
PMXToolsversion 1.3.1
(PMTOP) TOP Table of Process and an Extended Netstat (MyNetstat) to monitor process and connections
GPSToolsversion 0.2
GPS Tools for PC Desktop. Read GPX and NMEA format, display it and generate Statistics.
GPSInfoMobileversion 1.0
GPS Tools for Pocket PC. Read GPS and show information about position and save log in GPX and NMEA format.

Those sofware are to be considered AS IS. No guarantee is given on their functionality, and I am not responsible of any kind of damage.

Because I am a good programmer, but not a good drawer, any help in graphic is appreciated.