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My name is Paolo Medici. I have assigned to this site the criptic name of PMX, for the lack of the availability of the domain name, that I was myself preplace, and for waiting to signal the various soul that compose my acts.

In fact developing software is not my only acrivity, even if probably is the thing that succeeds to me better. One what on this is from saying. People denigrate in effects the pure development of the software, thinking that it is only bashing the metal. In part this vision I share it, but from the other part I think that to write a program he is much similar one - using one retoric figure much strong - to write one poetry. I think that the programming, to a high level, becomes a job of creativity and feeling. To use, as much fashionable today goes, instruments that simplify the programming that removes job to the programmer, door sure to an increase of the productivity and the concentration on the objective preplace, but probably remove taste in what it is made.

The others sections, beyond to the programming, that they animate this website are still from implementing. When I will have time I will make it. I would want to insert in fact some short-movie that I have directed and mounted, and some articles of scientific spreading or less that I have written and will write. The website, at the present moment, is limited to the programming aspect, with some programs that more or less I have finished and that I put to disposition who can interest.

A short chronology, made more than other for me, and written in third person, in order to remember to me that I have made up to now in the life.

Paolo Medici born in 1978.

In the June of the 1988 he comes to it given a Commodore128 with which he begins to play. With to this there is the handbook of the Basic7.0 (in English, therefore not much profit), but he receives also a Guide to the Basic for Commodore64 that still conserve.

Years 1989-1992 he continued...

The passage to the Olivetti 286 marks also the passage to the Microsoft QBASIC. Under this simply develop environment, the production of games was prolific and develop games like: The Day of Crocion(1993-1994) a platform game in 320x240 and 256 colors, Flemmings(1993) other platfrom in MCGA, RPG like WarriorsOfJade(1993) or Woop(1994), GlobalAssault(1993) "strategic" of war acclimatized to the time period of the Greeks and a Roman, BoysOfAdventure(1993-1994) a textual adventure with vectorial background, Boris Kevin' s Miliard (1993) a game of bets (bets in horse, game in ag, purchase lands, etc etc), a follower of MIB for the Commodore, Pop' n Fire Be(1994) and Raidran (1994) shooter with spaceship and horizontal scroll or WindFox (1993) using vertical scrolling, Astroten(1993) with a porting incomplete from the Commodore version, Moon Civilization strategic inspired to Civilization of Sid Meyer, and 2D Fight (1994) a "fight" game using vectorial bidimensional graphic.

The Day Of Crocion Bors Kevin's Miliard Warrior Of Jade Astroten 1 Pop 'n Fire Be Woop 2d Fight WindFox

Beyond to small games with the QBASIC he developed various programs of diagram between which various on fractal, perspective and three-dimensional visualizations, simulators of populations of living-beings (Genesis, 1994), first drafts of systems operated to you graphical to windows inspired to the Geos of the Commodore64, and the development of a vectorial format of rows and bitmap (between which font), and relati to you editor. With the vectorial format of rows they have been developed short demo, like Return in The Castle (1994), Sail Simulator (1994).

In 1995 , when purchase a Pentium75, there is the definitive passage to the TurboPascal. In these years the first game ends, Spirit Of Darknes (1995-1996), a RPG with visual from the top. Various demo of games they have been develops to you in Pascal, which Totaler (1995) a strategic one of war in the space, Pogo (1995) plays where boys must be pushed at music rhythm, City Simulator (1995) where it could but be only inserted the rooms and atmospheres. The passage to the C happens then in 1997 with the Watcom11 and to the Microsoft Visual Study (versions 4, 5 and 6) and finally to Mingw32 compiler with Dev-C++ under Windows and GCC under Linux.

For the exam of "Fondamenti di Informatica" (1997) wrote a Browser HTML with graphical interface (simple tag and link supported) and with font bitmap drawing, written in C (and Assembly) with the TurboC under DOS.

With Watcom11 (C and Assembly, years 1997-1999) he has developed a compiler for rows assembler in order to generate driver (calls StaticLinkLibrary to you, where all the unresolved link come statically resolved at the moment of load of the library in memory) for cards the audio video and cards to use in the games under DOS4GW. The definition of standard VESA2.0 and the sale of cards video that supported such detailed list have then rendered this approach useless. For thoroughness they have been written driver in assembly as an example for VESA1.2 and VESA2.0, for the cards TsengLab ET3000/ET4000, CIRRUS LOGIC Cl-gd 542X and Cl-gd 543X, Diamond SpeedStar 24X, S3 Trio64, Genoa 6X00, Paradise/Digital Western, Compaq QVision/AVGA, NCR 77C22, Realtek, OAK, and others, thanks also to the contribution of Jan van Loenen. Always with the Watcom, in 1998 it has begun to develop also a strategic video game of transport called Tir.

With his friend Luca Rocchi it has developed ProCyclingManager, a managerial game of cycling, begun in 1998 with the Watcom/DOS4GW, arrived to version 0,7 in the 1999 (Windows98/DirectX/Direct3D) and then abandoned.

The passage to the VisualStudio happened in 1998 (the support of the Watcom for Windows95 was much limiting). From 1998 however, the engagements carry to a reduction of the software number develop (beyond to the obvious fact that today a software to be at a certain level demands many more energies regarding time ago). However some examples of videogames born, like: Albinea Racing (1998) a simple example of Direct3d with BillBoard for the cars, of which, at the present moment, it is trying to give followed, Albinea Kombat (1999) inspired to Mortal Kombat where small part of the continuous game has been implemented but only one...

In 2000, for the exam of "Electronic Calculator", he present a three-dimensional flight simulator written in 8086 assembly, that it uses the voxel technique to render the landscape.

The development of the first MMORPG, called Roleworld has begun, in years 2000-2001, and from 2002, until at the present moment, is participating to the development of the MMORPG Lost One' s Land.


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