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The System

Pentium3 550Mhz 256MB RAM 40GB HD (HP Brio BA600 with BIOS patched for 128GB HD).

Wireless: USB Zyxel G-202 on a PCI USB2.0 card.

Partition: 7,4GB for Linux (EXT4), 29GB for WindowsXP (FAT32), 1GB SWAP.

Puppy Linux

Perfect, but I do not like the interface. I did not install it.

Ubuntu 5.10

Live CD works great (it detects only a wrong refresh rate for my LCD screen), but wireless usb does not work.

Ubuntu 10.10

Live CD does not work: give a lot of error on CD ([sr0] uncoverable read error, unhandled sense code, I/O Error, bla bla).

I used alternative version to install it on system. Installer fails to probe the zd1211rw module (a lack of firmware). Anyway It is possible to install the whole system and after the wireless works.

After the installation:

HD: 2.1GB of sda1 are used by the system.

RAM: 249864k total, 244848k used, 5016k free, 22824k buffers, 112124k cached (total available 139964k) removing NetworkManager.

Boot Time: 68 sec

Xubuntu 10.10

Installer, as in Ubuntu, does not provide firmware for zd1211rw USB WIFI. I proceed to install without network.

About 60 minuts to install the system.

I applied TERM patch:, and autologin feature:

HD: 1.8GB of sda1 are used by the system (but openoffice is not installed).

HD: 2.5GB of sda1 are used by the system with openoffice and language pack .

RAM: 249864k total, 209316k used, 40548k free, 24720k buffers, 71760k cached (total available 137028k) with NetworkManager.

I used bum to select service to run at startup and I reduced memory usage:
RAM: 249864k total, 235824k used, 13496k free, 82176k buffers, 41320k cached (total available 136992k) with NetworkManager. Nothing changed.

Applications tests:

Firefox ( 20456k

Chromium ( 23196k

Firefox ( 40904k

Chromium ( 40636k

Boot Time: 66 sec.

Last Update: 6 Jan 2011